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Our 5 Step Process

Step 1: Moisture Test

We will always test the moisture level of concrete to ensure the substrate is a candidate for the coating process. Excess moisture in the concrete may cause concrete coating systems to fail.  As an additional safeguard, Encore uses a prime coat on all garage flooring projects.

Step 2: The Grind

A vital step of the process is surface preparation by diamond grind. Our Machines are capable of preparing hard and soft concrete substrates for coatings. We use the best industry specific tools and machinery to create an optimal profile in the concrete for adhesion. Our HEPA dust extraction systems create a virtually dustless environment during preparation.

Step 3: Priming & Repairs

We choose to prime all of the floors we install with a low viscosity epoxy primer that penetrates the concrete.  We fill gaps, cracks, and spalling with low viscosity epoxy fillers, and epoxy mortar/slurry mixes.

Step 4: Coating Application and Flake Broadcast

We mix and apply the intermediate coat of epoxy. This is an 8-10 mil thick layer of material, colour coordinating with your Flake selection. We then broadcast the flakes onto the wet epoxy floor and stem walls. We then remove the excess flake from the floor and scrape smooth.  A thorough vacuum is required.

Step 5: Polyaspartic Sealer

A clear polyaspartic sealer is applied, and your floor is now complete.

Tramex moisture meter for concrete
husqvarna de120,pg280 and edco dymabrush
applying primer
filling crack
intermediate coat
melanie broadcasting flake
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